I'm a Selfish Machine

Ems. 18 year old wanna-be witch from the North West of England who's settling for being a graphic designer. Obsessed with magic, mystery, witches, conspiracies, pop-punk, horror, food, gore, stationary, art supplies, being organised and looking pretty. Passionate about feminism, fat/body acceptance and equality for all<3

ps; i know i'm a little short to be a stoormtrooper.
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You garden is quite lovely. It would be a shame if something were to… happen to it…


Made this for adam a while back, still out in a couple hours of work after this. I have yet to send it

Jeremy McKinnon: Soundwave 2014 |x|

Love her and her shirt lol


My math teacher called me average.

How mean.

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sometimes i wonder how my life would’ve turned out if i hadn’t signed up for tumblr

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